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Pool & Patio Round Dog Bed


Product Description

Water- and fade-resistant, the washable, removable cover of the the Snoozer Pool and Patio Round Dog Bed means hours of fun, sun and snoozing. The dog and pet bed has a poly/cedar mix fill and is available in 4 sizes and 13 great colors. One-year limited warranty.


  • Water-resistant
  • Fade-resistant
  • Washable and removable cover
  • Inner liner filled with cedar/poly mix
  • One-year limited warranty
  • Sizes:

    • Small: 24in. D x 4 in. sidewall
    • Medium: 35in. D x 4 in. sidewall
    • Large: 42in. D x 4 in. sidewall
    • X-Large: 53in. D x 4 in. sidewall
    More Info

    Additional Information

    Weight 12 lbs

    Small, Large, Extra Large, Medium


    Buff Dog Print, Helen Red, Sand Castle, Vertical Ebony, Twirly Safari, Helen Blue, Vertical Blue, Schooner Blue, Twirly Yellow, Peat, Butter, Red, Navy, Camel, Buckskin, Herringbone, Pink, Olive, Saddle, Hot-Fudge, Dark Chocolate, Coffee, BlackWatch Plaid, Sage Plaid, Mint Julep, Grey, Paisley Print, Colonial Plaid, Prairie Red, Denim, Royal Blue, Irish Cork, Carolina Sky, Khaki, Medium Blue, Seafoam, Khaki Quilted, Herringbone/Black, Buckskin/Java, Black/Herringbone, Chaparral Silver, Small Harness, X Small Harness, Colonial Plaid Quilted, Grey Quilted, Paisley Quilted, Lavender, Pink Plaid, Seagrass, Brown Pink, Brown/Tan, Burlap, Pink/Yellow Floral, Hazelnut Waterproof, Black Vinyl, Pink Black, Grey Black, Orange Black Grey, Red Black Grey, Blue Compass, Blue Shells, Bronson Linen, Sicilly Bone, Sicilly, Suki Pecan, Shona Granite, Shona Granite Dark Chocolate, Navy/Camel, Saddle/Butter, Peat/Coffee, Sicilly Coffee, Coffee/Peat, Suki Pecan-Peat, Dark Chocolate/Buckskin, Olive/Coffee, Red/Camel, Sicilly Bone Peat, Camel/Olive, Butter/Black, Camo print, Navy Waterproof, Burgandy Waterproof, Green, Brown Waterproof, Gunmetal Waterproof, Buff Mutt (lookouts only), Hot Pink Vinyl, Khaki Vinyl, Grey Vinyl, Scarlet Mutt (lookouts only), Brown White Safari, Pink Fur, Hotfudge-Giraffe, Spa-Seafoam, Toro Antique Gold, Toro Cocoa, Zebra, Sage New, Rust, Brown, Jenn Harmony, Pink Peace Sign, Hippie Chic Flamingo, Royal Candy, Green Peace Sign, Hippie Chic Berry, Suzani, Red Dog, Holiday Stripe, Small Dots, Red Roll Around, Khaki Roll Around, 1, CHAPARRAL, GRAMERCY SPRING, GRAMERCY VINTAGE, HOT FUDGE / CAFÉ, HOTFUDGE / CAFÉ, GRAMERCY SPRING / TANGERINE, GRAMERCY VINTAGE / HOT FUDGE, BLACK / ZEBRA PILLOW / ZEBRA CORD, DK CHOCOLATE / BUCKSKIN, BLACK MICRO / ZEBRA PILLOW, DK CHOCOLATE, BLACK MICRO / ZEBRA CORD, LARGE, BLACK MICRO, NAVY MICRO, OLIVE MICRO, RED MICRO, BLACK MICRO / ZEBRA PILLOW / ZEBRA CORD, BLACK / ZEBRA CORD, AMULET SHELL / BUCKSKIN, AMULET / HOT FUDGE, BUCKSIN, CHOCOLATE, FUDGE, #1 ANTHRACITE, #1 BLACK, #1 BUCKSKIN, #1 DARK CHOCOLATE, #1 HOT FUDGE, #1 OLIVE, #1 PEAT, BLACK MICRO / ZEBRA MICRO, CHEVRON ORANGE / ORANGE SW / WHITE CORD, CHEVRON YELLOW / YELLOW SW / WHITE CORD, CORAL SHELLS / YELLOW CORD, LINKED IN LIME GREEN / WHITE CORD, LINKED IN NAVY / WHITE CORD, MESA CHOCOLATE / ORANGE SW / YELLOW CORD, MESA CHOCOLATE / YELLOW SW / ORANGE CORD, MOCHA SHELLS / YELLOW CORD, NEW BLUE SHELLS / NAVY CORD, ORANGE / CHEVRON ORANGE SW / WHITE CORD, ORANGE / MESA CHOCOLATE SW / YELLOW CORD, YELLOW / CHEVRON YELLOW SW / WHITE CORD, YELLOW / MESA CHOCOLATE SW / ORANGE CORD, CORAL SHELLS / YELLOW CORDING, MOCHA SHELLS / YELLOW CORDING, NEW BLUE SHELLS / NAVY CORDING, ORANGE / CHEVRON ORANGE / WHITE CORD, BIG HOLIDAY DOTS, RED DOG HOLIDAY, OLIVE MCIRO, HOLIDAY SUZANI, CAROLINA BLUE SKY, MINT JULIP GREEN, Seafoam Green, SIGN, FLAMINGO, BERRY, BURGUNDY, GUNMETAL, HAZELNUT, BLACK 36X54, BROWN 36X58, BURGUNDY 36X56, GREEN 36X54, GUNMETAL 36X59, HAZELNUT 36X57, NAVY 36X55, BLACK 28X44, BROWN 28X48, BURGUNDY 28X46, GREEN 28X44, GUNMETAL 28X49, HAZELNUT 28X47, NAVY 28X45, BLACK 48″, BROWN 48″, BURGUNDY 48″, GREEN 48″, GUNMETAL 48″, HAZELNUT 48″, NAVY 48″, BLACK 36″, BROWN 36″, BURGUNDY 36″, GREEN 36″, GUNMETAL 36″, HAZELNUT 36″, NAVY 36″, BLACK W/ZEBRA PILLOW/ZEBRA CORDING, GRAMERCY VINTAGE/HOT FUDGE, GRAMERCY SPRING/TANGERINE, KHAKI WATERPROOF, BLACK WATERPROOF, GREY/BLACK, RED/BLACK/GREY, ORANGE/BLACK/GREY, DK CHOCOLATE/BUCKSKIN, HOT FUDGE/CAFÉ, BUFF MUTT, NAVY MUTT, FIDO BUFF, BLACK W/ZEBRA PILLOW/BLACK CORDING, GRAMERCY VINTAGE/HOT FUDGE CORDING, GRAMERCY SPRING/TANGERINE CORDING, NAVY W/CAMEL, DK CHOC W/BUCKSKIN, BUCKSKIN W/JAVA, CAMEL W/OLIVE, OLIVE W/COFFEE, SADDLE W/BUTTER, BLACK W/HERRINGBONE, RED W/CAMEL, HERRINGBONE W/BLACK, BUTTER W/BLACK, HOT FUDGE W/CAFÉ, COFFEE W/PEAT, ANTHRACITE W/BLACK, DK CHOCOLATE W/BUCKSKIN, HOTFUDGE W/CAFÉ, HOT PINK, BABY PINK

    Returns & Delivery

    Delivery Information

    Orders received from SnoozerPetProducts.com will be processed within 24 hours, usually same day, during normal business hours Monday through Friday. Backorders typically ship within three business days depending on material availability. In-transit times depend on the zone in which the package is being delivered. Average delivery times are between one and five days.

    One Year Warranty

    All SNOOZER PET PRODUCTS manufactured by ODONNELL INDUSTRIES, INC. a South Carolina Corporation carry a limited One Year Warranty. Each item is manufactured under the highest standards and is warranted to be free from material and workmanship defects for the original owner (proof of purchase is required). "Original Owner" is a person who purchased the item from SNOOZER PET PRODUCTS or its authorized dealer. Any item purchased from a private person or a dealer not authorized by SNOOZER PET PRODUCTS is specifically not covered under this warranty.

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