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*NO MORE DOG HAIR! It can be a laborious task getting dog hair out of car seat fabric, but now you don’t have to! Our hammock is the ultimate dog car seat cover, fully protecting your backseat from dog fur, spills, slobber, scratches, and more. The stain-resistant, moisture-repellent LiveSmart fabric is machine washable so you can easily keep the hammock and your car clean.

*FOR THE GO-EVERYWHERE DOG. No bath? No worries. Great for car travel in general, our dog car hammock is also perfect for those times your dog has gotten wet or dirty playing in the park, the woods, or the water. So take your dog with you wherever you go, our dog car seat cover will protect your car from whatever your dog’s gotten into.

*MORE SECURE, LESS STRESS. Our dog car hammock stretches from the headrests of the backseat to the headrest of the front seat, meaning your dog is secured safely in the backseat and cannot fall off the back seat or climb into the front seat and distract the driver. Your dog will feel more comfortable and less anxious when traveling in the hammock, which makes for a calmer, happier dog and driver.


*LONG-LASTING FOR EVERYDAY LIFE. Spills, slobber, dirt, grime – whatever it is, our LiveSmart fabric is designed to stand up to it! Our odor resistant dog beds are made with state-of-the-art stain-resistant, water-resistant, and breathable LiveSmart fabric, which means it will stay smelling fresh and looking good for longer in between washes. And you won’t have to replace your dog’s bed so frequently, either!

*STYLE AND COMFORT. Who says a dog bed has to be unattractive? With our strong and stylish LiveSmart fabric, your dog’s bed will look great no matter what room of the house it’s in, so you don’t have to choose between form and function.

*EASY TO CLEAN. Our removable LiveSmart fabric cover is a breeze to keep clean – simply machine wash cold and dry on low. The zipper makes it a cinch to take the cover off and put it back on, too. It’s never been easier to keep your dog’s bed clean for safe, healthy sleep.


Hand-Sewn And Made To Order Dog Car Seat Cover.
You and your pet will love that our products are not mass-produced. The very best dog car seat covers require the best materials, exceptional craftsmanship, and careful attention to detail. That’s why Snoozer’s custom dog car seat covers are made to order and artfully handsewn by our master craftsmen. Our unrivaled labor of love provides an exceptional level of quality control, allowing us to thoroughly inspect every detail of every product before shipping, so you can rest easy knowing that you and your dog are getting the premium Snoozer product you ordered, guaranteed.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners!
Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and by that we mean both dogs who use our products and their owners. It’s no accident that we have many loyal customers who stay with us for years. Don’t take our word for it – check out the thousands of 5-star reviews and positive testimonials from satisfied customers and find out how much their dogs love Snoozer!

By Dog Lovers, For Dog Lovers
We’ve been doing this a long time and it’s our love for our furry family members that keeps us innovating and creating expertly designed dog & pet products. With over 30 years of experience developing innovative, luxurious & ergonomic dog beds & dog car seats & accessories, we never stop improving our materials, designs & craftsmanship. Our ongoing growth is a labor of love focused on building the very best dog products to provide dogs with exceptional comfort & support for optimal sleep & relaxation . We craft what dogs love and it’s our mission to create innovative, comfortable & supportive dog beds, dog car seats & accessories with distinctive style, quality & durability. Because we believe dogs are more than pets – they are family – and we believe pet parents deserve dog beds & accessories that comfort & care for their pets like they should.

Heavy Duty Reversible Hammock Car Seat

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