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Keeping Cool This Summer | Snoozer Tails

Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here. Remember, us dogs can suffer from heatstroke, sunburn, organ failure, and even death if we get too hot. See, we don’t sweat the way you do; 90% of the way we cool ourselves off is by panting. All this to say, it’s important to keep your dog cool when temperatures rise. Here’s how.
Skip the shave
If your dog’s fur is very thick, you may be tempted to shave it all off to cool them down in the summertime. Don’t do it. As odd as it seems, dogs with double coats actually regulate temperature better when they have their fur, as it protects them from too much cold and too much heat.

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Should I Crate My Dog?

Remember, your dog’s crate is either a training tool or a place for them to relax, it’s not a tool for punishment or a place to put them when you’ve “had enough.” With that in mind, let’s looks at when you should and shouldn’t crate your dog.
1. When your dog is new to your house. Whether you’re adding a puppy or an adult dog to your family, a crate can be a good tool for them to transition to their new environment.

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The Story of Amy, Jet & Their Forgiveness Sofa

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France At Snoozer, we believe that our dog beds, travel items, and accessories are more than just products for sale. They become interwoven into our dog’s life. They become part of the story we share with him. If that sounds a little high-falutin’, just think about how important these things are to your dog on a daily basis. She probably spends several hours sleeping on…

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Snoozer Or Cruiser | Lookout Dog Car Seat | Cozy Cave Dog Bed | Snoozer Pet Products

Is Your Dog a Cruiser or a Snoozer?

News flash: Dogs are awesome! No matter if they’re big or small, purebred or mixed breed, active or lazy. Every dog deserves a happy life, and that’s what we’re all about at Snoozer Pet Products. So we introduce to you two types of dogs we love most: the #Cruisers and the #Snoozers. The Cruisers Some dogs want nothing more than to hit the open road. These are the “Cruisers.” They’re explorers by nature. There’s no tree they haven’t smelled, no…

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Caring For Your Aging Dog | Snoozer Tips | Snoozer Pet Products

The Top 5 Ways to Care for Your Aging Dog

It’s hard to see our once frisky furry friends slowed down by age and arthritis. Fortunately, there are things we can do to ease our pup’s pain and make their lives easier after they’ve been diagnosed with age-related degenerative arthritis. Here are the top 5 ways to care for your dog with arthritis.   Give Your Aging Dog a Comfortable Place to Relax Senior dogs can sleep 16 to 18 hours a day, plus spend a few more hours relaxing,…

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In Support of Jacob Hall

Our community recently suffered the tragic loss of Jacob Hall, a six-year-old boy, after a shooting at his elementary school in Townville, SC. Two others were also injured, a teacher and a young student, both of whom were treated and released after the incident. Townville is a small community near our factory in Piedmont, SC, and the sudden loss of such a young life has reminded us how precious life is, and that tragedy can come when you least expect…

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