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Summer at Snoozer

Keeping Cool This Summer | Snoozer Tails

Keeping Cool This Summer

Summer is almost here. Remember, us dogs can suffer from heatstroke, sunburn, organ failure, and even death if we get too hot. See, we don’t sweat the way you do; 90% of the way we cool ourselves off is by panting. All this to say, it’s important to keep your dog cool when temperatures rise. Here’s how.
Skip the shave
If your dog’s fur is very thick, you may be tempted to shave it all off to cool them down in the summertime. Don’t do it. As odd as it seems, dogs with double coats actually regulate temperature better when they have their fur, as it protects them from too much cold and too much heat.

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Summer At Snoozer And Moxie The Wonderdog Part 2

Follow the everyday adventures of Moxie as her adopted grandfather finds ways to keep her happy and fit all summer long while his daughter is away lifeguarding in Maine.   Help! I Need Ideas To Let Moxie Burn Energy. I’m a couple weeks into my Moxie duties now, and one of the biggest challenges I’m facing is how to keep a young dog active and keep their boredom at bay.  We go for long walks in the morning, and that…

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