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Tips for Senior Dogs | Snoozer Tails

6 Tips for Taking Care of Senior Dogs

A dog ages 7 years in 1 human year, they say. That’s not precisely true, but it is true that we dogs reach our senior years much more quickly than our human counterparts. A small or medium size 11-year-old dog is equivalent to a 63-year-old human, while a large or giant 7-year-old dog is closer to 72 in human years.
Senior dogs, like senior humans, need special care and consideration as they age. As a senior dog myself, here are my top 6 tips for preparing for and dealing with the complications of aging dogs.

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Jack Foster Handmade Leather Collars and Leashes

Leash Training Tips for You and Your Dog

Pro-Tip!  For a limited time, when you get a Leash or a Collar you’ll receive our free Dog Walking Kit that includes an adjustable Snoozer hat and Waste Disposal Dispenser.   You’ve seen it before: The dog who’s walking his master instead of the other way ‘round. There’s the dog, charging ahead, taut leash, dragging their human along behind. This is a no-no. Leash training is one of the most important skills every dog owner needs to master. The goal…

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Caring For Your Aging Dog | Snoozer Tips | Snoozer Pet Products

The Top 5 Ways to Care for Your Aging Dog

It’s hard to see our once frisky furry friends slowed down by age and arthritis. Fortunately, there are things we can do to ease our pup’s pain and make their lives easier after they’ve been diagnosed with age-related degenerative arthritis. Here are the top 5 ways to care for your dog with arthritis.   Give Your Aging Dog a Comfortable Place to Relax Senior dogs can sleep 16 to 18 hours a day, plus spend a few more hours relaxing,…

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