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Dog Training

Train Your Dog to Stop Straining on the Leash

Today I want to talk about walking on a leash. It sounds simple but believe it or not, it can be challenging for many owners to get their pooches to walk properly on the leash! Many dogs strain against the leash, lunge, or want to be in charge rather than following their owner. (Not me, of course! I’m referring to other dogs.) These can be hard habits to break in dogs who have gotten set in their ways, but it’s not impossible! Follow these training tips.

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How to train your dog to not jump on visitors

How to Train Your Dog Not to Jump on Visitors

The doorbell rings – there’s an unfamiliar voice – oh my goodness, it’s a visitor! Yay, Yay, YAY! This is what runs through my head when we get visitors at our house. As a yellow lab, I tend to be very friendly, and I get the impression that I’m sometimes a little TOO exuberant when greeting new faces at the door. I’ve learned over time that jumping on visitors is OFF LIMITS! Although it may seem like an impossible job to train your dog to stop jumping up on visitors, it can be done! Here’s how.

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Choosing the Right Crate for Your Dog

Many of us dogs love spending time in our crates, but choosing just the right one can be a challenge for our humans. Whether your dog loves to sleep in their crate or it’s only pulled out for special occasions, it’s important to choose one that’s appropriate and safe for their size, needs, and habits. Here’s what to know about how to choose a dog crate.

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Travel Tips for Dogs Who Hate The Car

Travel Tips for Dogs Who Really Hate The Car

I do NOT like to travel in cars. I’m one of those dogs who cannot settle down. I stand in the backseat the whole time, queasy and uncomfortable, asking my family “Are we there yet? Are we there yet? Are we there yet?”
Recently my friend Moxie the Maltese gave some great general tips about car travel with your dog. She even suggested some quick fixes for dogs who suffer from anxiety and carsickness.
These tips are fantastic but I wanted to add more, since there’s even more you can do to ease your dog’s fear or motion sickness and make them happy in the car!

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Should I Crate My Dog?

Remember, your dog’s crate is either a training tool or a place for them to relax, it’s not a tool for punishment or a place to put them when you’ve “had enough.” With that in mind, let’s looks at when you should and shouldn’t crate your dog.
1. When your dog is new to your house. Whether you’re adding a puppy or an adult dog to your family, a crate can be a good tool for them to transition to their new environment.

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Jack Foster Handmade Leather Collars and Leashes

Leash Training Tips for You and Your Dog

Pro-Tip!  For a limited time, when you get a Leash or a Collar you’ll receive our free Dog Walking Kit that includes an adjustable Snoozer hat and Waste Disposal Dispenser.   You’ve seen it before: The dog who’s walking his master instead of the other way ‘round. There’s the dog, charging ahead, taut leash, dragging their human along behind. This is a no-no. Leash training is one of the most important skills every dog owner needs to master. The goal…

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